Sulaimani Steel Company

The idea of establishing Sulaimani Steel Company started in 2012 intending to create and manufacture all kinds of construction steel rebar following American and British standards. Sulaimani Steel Company construction was completed and started production in 2015 despite all the difficult circumstances in the Kurdistan region and financial crisis in 2015. During the first stage of production, Sulaimani Steel Company’s annual production of all types of steel rebar was 135 thousand tons. In 2018 which was the second stage, the production capacity of the factory has expanded with an annual production increase to 200 thousand tons of steel rebar.
Sulaimani Steel Company has provided nearly a thousand job opportunities with 350 permanent employees working in various sections in the factory. Also, the company has provided other job opportunities for around 600-700 freelancers who are collecting and delivering materials to the company.
The company regards itself as environmentally green and this is demonstrated through the recycling process of materials. It worth men toning that the company is using a very advanced filtering system to minimize pollution. Caring for the environment is one of the missions of the company. For this purpose, we dedicated a large area of the factory for plants and gardens, and we used an advanced filtering system inside the factory, to preserve the environment of the region. The relevant authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government granted Sulaimani Steel several certificates of appreciation in recognition of its efforts in providing the finest quality to the market.
The Sulaimani Steel productions are used in different projects such as housing building schools, universities, hospitals, factories, and skyscrapers.